The Junk Factory is a tool that appears in Marble Saga which allows the player to fuse together vehicles and parts, as well as create and edit stages.  It appears in the game as a red tea kettle with a wooden awning and a mailbox.


During the game, two vehicles must be built in order to progress further in the storyline.  These include a submarine and a spaceship.


The submarine is required for access to the level "Ocean Treasure".  To make it, three items are listed for the player to find, and three corresponding stages unlocked in Candy Island, Haunted House, and City.  By completing these stages and fidning the Kororin Capsule in each one, the player will find a parascope, a can, and a motor.


The spaceship is required for access to the level "Space Station".  To make it, the player is again asked to find ingredients to fuse at the junk factory.  Stages in Haunted House and City are then unlocked so the player may find the listed items to fuse.  For this vehicle, the previous vehicle is the first ingredient, thus requiring you to find only two other ingredients.

Stage EditorEdit

More on this coming soon!

Fusing JunkEdit

This feature of the junk factory allows the player to fuse the materials they find in Kororin Capsules into parts to use in the stage editor.  For most of the game, two options are given to the player in this section, "Select Fusion Materials" and "Fuse By Recipe".  At certain points in the game, a third option "Fuse Vehicle" appears last on the list, which allows the player to create the vehicle currently required by the storyline.

Select Fusion MaterialsEdit

In this option, the player is given a table of all their current materials, with white question marks in blue circles representing unknown materials.  25 materials are present in Marble Saga, 24 of which are found in levels.  As the player unlocks more areas, more materials become available to them.

To fuse materials, the player simply selects the desired materials from the table and presses the gold bar at the bottom middle of the screen.  Early in the game, only two fusion materials can be used in any one fusion.  However, as the player progresses, a third slot opens up for use.

Fuse By RecipeEdit

Here, the player is given a list of all the known recipes.  Pressing the gold bar below each recipe will begin an automatic fusion of the listed materials, as long as the player has at least one of each required material.

Soon to come is a list of all acquirable recipes.


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